Grooming Services at Hefner Road Pet Resort

Happy dog being groomed

Whether just stopping by for a touch-up or getting a brand new look while on vacation, treating your pet to a spa day will make him or her look and feel like royalty. With years of experience behind them, our two groomers are here to pamper your pet with a gentle and capable touch. Your pet can get a cut and style and come home looking and smelling like a new dog. A toenail trim, anal gland expression, and ear cleaning are included with all bath, shape-ups, and haircuts. Our groomers can do even the most complicated styles, like the poodle cut, with precision. Take a look at these happy and glamourous pets.

In addition to being cosmetic, regular grooming is important for the health and happiness of your pet. Grooming keeps their fur from matting and from covering their eyes, and helps with dandruff and shedding, all of which can be uncomfortable for your dog if left unchecked. It also helps their fur stay shiny, soft and healthy. Look at the difference it made on these cute puppies! Regular grooming can also help with your pet’s socialization. Grooming gives them experience with being handled by strangers, so they will be more comfortable meeting new people and going to the vet. It’s important to have your dog groomed frequently to keep them clean, healthy, pretty, and happy!

Schedule your pet for a trip to our groomers today. Contact us [link to contact and forms page] to check availability and schedule an appointment (not available on weekends). Grooming services are available for both guests of the pet resort and the outside public. For more information about our wonderful groomers, see their staff bios.